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5 Trends That Will Shape HR Post COVID-19

Coronavirus is a significant force that took the world by storm. As a global pandemic which countries are still struggling to learn about and provide a cure to, it has also brought a lot of changes to life as we know it. One of the measures taken towards combatting the spread involved encouraging people to keep as much distance from each other as possible. This means gatherings, even at workplaces, are now at a minimum. Times are changing dramatically, and work culture is not spared. So, what does this mean for HR? What are the trends that will shape the HR post-COVID-19? Here are five of them we have discovered.

Learning Faster

The coronavirus crisis has also acted as some sort of accelerator. Now, employees and organizations are expected to adapt very quickly to various situations. Before the pandemic, employees were open to challenges at work but nothing beyond the ordinary as expected in a workplace setting. However, this public health emergency has also brought with it the need for people to tap more into their creative sides. This means learning skills that will make work output faster while using tools that require little physical interaction. Post COVID-19 HR trends call for a high adaptation of employees and organizations.


The HR sector has always been a one-size-fits-all industry as it focuses on standardization. However, post-COVID-19 in HR will come with trends that take up a more personalized approach towards the individual needs and skills of employees. Since every individual responds differently during a crisis, personalization will help the organizations in coming up with the best ways for each employee to work from home. All sense of normality as we know it no longer exists as it’s up to companies to shape the new normal after coronavirus. However, with lots of companies restructuring due to the economic crisis, improving employee experience will no longer be a top priority.

Embracing Technology

Post COVID-19, technology will no longer be a “nice to have” tool in any company’s arsenal. This will become the critical driver of several organizations as we see a massive boost in learning technology to keep up with remote tasks. Since employees and companies have been forced to implement work from home approaches like video calling software and remote monitoring systems, this is a trend that will become more prominent after COVID-19.

Productivity Over Work Hours

The concept of work hours will be a bit of a blurred line as organizations prioritize the level of productivity of an employee over how much work hours are actually being put in. There is more focus on delivering results rather than just being at work for several hours.

New Approaches to Organization

As companies are undergoing significant restructuring, there will also be new approaches to organization during the months after COVID-19. There will be a lot of retraining aimed at discovering creativity and flexibility.

While a lot of companies will incline towards putting their needs first as they work on surviving the economic impact of the coronavirus, there are still HR trends that will help employees become better.