the changing paradigms

The Changing Paradigms of Temporary Jobs.

Around a decade ago, temporary jobs were viewed as stop gap, menial work. Popular perception was that temporary jobs were for the unskilled; suitable only for students and those without relevant experience. But today, the canvas has completely changed. Temporary jobs no longer have the same stigma and draws equal respect and remuneration. They are the new fad in employment in the USA and Canada. According to the American Staffing Association, an average of 3.3 million people in North America worked every week for a staffing agency, in 2015. And numbers have only gone up.

Temporary work can include contracts, freelancing, consulting or part-time assignments. They let you get into the groove of the working lifestyle and provides you with varied experiences. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of temporary jobs, when compared to permanent jobs.

Pros of a Temporary Job  

  • Temporary jobs give you a chance to test out a job, an employer, or an industry
  • They provide more flexibility and you are not tied down to fixed timings
  • They provide an income stream while the search for a permanent job continues.
  • They can act as the bridge to a new domain of work, for jobseekers looking for career migration
  • They fill gaps in experience and ensure continuity needed for the dream job
  • Temporary jobs provide both the employee and the employer an untainted opportunity to evaluate synergy. Sometimes, temporary jobs pave the way to permanent jobs.

Cons of a Temporary Job  

  • Temporary jobs are short term, and the work may be sporadic. Long term job security is not assured in temporary jobs
  • Some corporate cultures treat temporary workers and contractors as inferior to full-time employees. This might materialize as differences in benefits, paid-time-off, vacation time etc.
  • Temporary jobs usually don’t pay top dollar, unless you have a skill that is quite scarce. You may have to work more than one job to earn a comfortable living.
  • Learning may take a backseat as temporary jobs tend to be target and task driven

 The Bottom Line

For some people, a temporary job may be the perfect. It may be right mix of flexibility and versatility that a student or a young professional is looking for. Freelancers with niche specializations draw sizable salaries and play key roles in organizations. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the right fit for your career.