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Innovative Ways to Hire In a Pandemic World.

As previously unimagined as it may seem, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed all facets of life and human living. People around the world have learned to live with the pandemic as best as we can and ensure continuity of life and survival – which is a basic skill in which man and other animals thrive and survive. The pandemic has taught us different lessons, and survival in this new present world can only be by adaptation to new ways of living and doing things.

Recruitment and hiring have not been left out in this adaptation as most businesses are closing down or going virtual through the use of new technologies. For the surviving businesses staying afloat and the new ones springing up, in order to satisfy the needs arising from circumstances of the pandemic, there is the need to fill job posts and positions to ensure they thrive regardless of the current circumstances.

The hiring process has therefore metamorphosed from the classic walk-in-interview method where you actually get to analyze and scrutinize potential employees, to a more technical method with the use of technologies. Five of the innovative ways to hire considering the pandemic are:

  • Online Recruitment Marketing: Now that people have been advised to stay home and stay safe, to efficiently put out a word or advertise positions for hire, the use of the internet and other online tools cannot be overemphasized. Most people stay glued to the internet and other new media for longer hours than before making it the most advisable marketing medium in this present pandemic world.
  • The Use of Video Conferencing for Interviews: Different video conferencing apps recently sprung up during the pandemic and they have been put to use in hiring potential employees. They have served as a good substitute for the walk-in interview process and enable employers to view their potential employees to guide the process.
  • Contract Employment Over Full-time: The pandemic has made many companies see the need to reduce their staff strength as most of the staff members have either become redundant or not useful at all times. Employers have therefore kept most staffers on contracts and call upon them when need be.
  • Internet Presence and Social Media: Since assessing potential employees by physically meeting them has been impossible due to social distancing measures, employers have taken to the use of getting employee data by their social media presence and other internet applications. Employees are evaluated based on what their internet profiles portray and decisions are reached for employment.
  • Remote Working Abilities: Since working from the office is gradually getting phased out, the ability of a person to work remotely and efficiently stands as one of the major indexes of performance considered when hiring in the present pandemic situation.

All these and more processes are springing up in ensuring that people hired to fill employment positions in various organizations are up to the task and are able to achieve the goals of the various organizations hiring them even in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic.