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The Importance of Precision in Business

The business process involves a lot of activities and components that must be put together to attain a common goal. To achieve a set goal, there is always the need to assemble all the components of the business functions and look for a way to make all of them work in consonance with each other. Designing a way of aligning the various business functions to work
together could be very cumbersome most times and it takes a very great manager to make all of
these functions work together to achieve the set goal.
This is where precision comes in. Precision has been known to bring about productivity,
excellence, understanding, effectiveness, efficiency, and a whole lot of other factors that enhance the growth and development of any business. Since every business success is built on the effectiveness of each business functions in delivering their duties optimally, then it is of utmost importance for every business manager and administrator to learn the importance of precision and how they can use it in passing messages and communicating effectively with their various departments or teams. Precision involves passing accurate and exact messages that every member of the team needs and understands to help them in the execution of their duties. With precision, what you get is a set of people who fully understands what they are supposed to do and their roles in carrying out such duties. If the past has taught us anything, then we would all agree that individuals tend to do well when they know the exact role they should play and how to go about playing such roles.
How to Communicate with Precision in Business
In passing a message or communicating within teams or departments in organizations, using precision by the people in charge makes it very easy for the messages being passed across to have the desired results. In communicating with precision, some important things must be noted by the communicator. These factors are what differentiate a precise and effective
message from an ineffective one and every communicator must consider imbibing them in their
messages for better communication.
Clear Messages with no Ambiguity

To be precise in passing your message across, there is the need for your message to be clear without any sort of ambiguity. With precision, you have to be exact and clear. Your communications should leave no room for words or sentences that are unclear or which messages are incomprehensible. At all times, your messages and instructions must be clear and easy to understand as this is what would allow your team to function properly even with minimal supervision. . For instance, the head of the department of finance of a
the firm has instructed the members of his team to prepare the financial reports of the quarter
and forward it immediately. If the team finished preparing the reports which happened to
have some loopholes and forward it immediately to the management who in turn
delivered it to the shareholders because they have implicitly trusted the people in charge.
If and when the mistakes are discovered, it could hurt the organization and all the members of the team. The head of a department could have meant that the team should send him the reports after they are done preparing them, and they have termed it as being told to send it to the management directly. If the information or directive was given in
the first place has been clear and devoid of ambiguity, then, everyone would have been
saved of the embarrassment. This is why precision is very important, as all the
information and details needed to carry out such directive would have been made
available stated clearly to the team members had the head of a department been precise.
Coherent Messages
Precision has been known to be all about passing the exact messages or instructions within a team. However, it takes more than passing the exact messages to make the communication precise. Aside from passing the exact messages, precision is concerned
about passing the right message which is consistent and follows a regular pattern too.
Precision doesn’t give room for confusion as confusion in the passing of messages makes it
difficult for the receiver to understand. Precision is concerned with the communicator
being consistent with his messages and making sure the messages being passed makes
sense when put together so that the receiver could find a way of putting everything
together to make informed decisions.
Concise Messages

Precision deals with passing concise messages. The truth is when the messages being
passed is too lengthy or voluminous, it could make it hard for the receiver to comprehend
such message and put it into effective use. However, with simple and short messages that
go straight to the point, there is the real hope that the receiver would receive such
the message, understand it, and use it for the exact reason for which the message is meant for.
This would enhance productivity and effectiveness in any team or department.
Complete Messages
The reason for communicating in the first place is for both parties to understand each other perfectly. If this is not the case, then there is no successful communication and the essence for communicating is lost. A precise message is meant to be complete with all the information needed. Incomplete information could have a very negative effect on
the performance of any team if followed through. If you want to make a statement that
would have a resounding impact on the receiver, then it is important to be precise in such
statement by providing complete messages and information that your team needs to make
sure your instructions are followed through and executed as planned.
Precision is very important in passing across messages that resonate and have the desired effects
you want on the receiver, infusing all of these components into your message would make the
message precise and much more effective to achieve the aims for which it was designed in the
first place.
Why Precision is Important for Growing Your Business
The business world is a very competitive place and to be successful, there is the need to be ruthless in the execution of projects and corporate strategies. This can only be done when
everyone knows their place and what is expected of them.
Nike, a footwear manufacturing company that is known and revered worldwide makes use of precision when it comes to communicating and passing messages within its members of staff,
especially recruits. Nike makes sure that no new employee is allowed to
take up any technical role until they have been thoroughly briefed on their roles in the

organization. To tell of the importance they put into this aspect of their firm, a senior manager is always a part of the team that briefs new employees no matter the level of experience they have before coming into the firm. This is to allow them to understand their roles in the organization properly and also help them to perform their duties most properly.
Aside from the example of Nike, there are a lot of further ways through which precision can help you in growing your business and enhance your productivity. They include:
There is a Clear Line of Authority
When there is precision in communicating and passing messages across the various units and departments of a business, there would be a clear line of authority. This means everyone in the organization from the top to the lowest cadre knows exactly what they are supposed to do. There is no ambiguity in reporting, delegation, or undertaking any sort of duties. This would allow each team or department to work according to the set rules.
When every individual in every team knows their roles and carry them out accordingly,
then there is no doubt that every the organization would flourish and all the corporate
goals and objectives would be achieved.
Decision Makings are Faster
Every business needs to be able to make decisions as fast as possible if it
wants to grow. When there is no clear line of authority or a particular entity that is
responsible for a decision, it could become a problem for the organization as a lot of
important decisions that have a massive impact on the growth of the organization maybe
delayed. However, with precision in communications within the organization, everyone
knows their role and every individual who needs to make a decision knows it falls on
them to make such decisions and this would affect the effectiveness of carrying
out projects.
It leads to Accountability
When people are held accountable for their actions, there would be responsibility. Responsibility leads to commitment and this, in turn, leads to better productivity. In a nutshell, when there is precision in passing messages across in a

business, it is easy to hold people accountable. Since every team member is expected to know their roles in the organization and the productive process, then it would be easy to hold people accountable. If getting the raw materials for a production process is causing a
delay to the process, then it would be glaring that the fault lies with the individuals responsible for acquiring them in the first place. Since everyone knows the team depends on them to play out their roles, it would make them more focused and accountable.
Prevention of Dispute
Precision would prevent dispute when it comes to the role each member of the team must play. Since everyone implicitly knows their roles, nothing would cause any sort of
dispute as anyone who is doing another person’s duties would surely know he/she is
trespassing and not doing what is expected of them. When there are no conflicts, there
would be a team that is in consonance and ready to pursue the organizational goals in
It Stands Your Business Out From the Rest
A business built on the principle of precision would stand out from its competitors. When you have precisely defined your business’ corporate goals and objectives, it would be easier for you to follow through and achieve them. This is because you know exactly what you want with the business, you are aware of the kinds of partners you want to work with, and you understand exactly the path to follow to make your business fulfill the set goals. This principle would set you apart from businesses that just follow the everyday trend without a set purpose. People would look at you from afar and admire what you
have done and want to be a part of what you are doing because your precision would
show you to be independent and aware of exactly what you want.
It Prepares Your Business for Profitability
Achieving profitability in your business is the goal of every business owner from the onset. However, profitability doesn’t come by accident or miracle. It is a product of well-laid plans and corporate decision makings which are followed to the letter by everyone involved with the running of such business. With precision, this is what you get.
Precision allows the business to follow a set of organizational goals and objectives, while

providing everyone involved in the process to play a clearly defined role in the letters.
When you have all of these situations in place, the outcome is a very productive team that
works like the titans who are well equipped in all ramifications to drive the business
towards the fulfillment of its set goals.
Any process that leads to excellence, perfect understanding of roles, efficiency, effectiveness,
and mutual respect would lead to great outcomes. All of the aforementioned and a lot more are embedded in what precision in communicating, and the overall business process brings to the table if properly harnessed. Every business organization that aspires to grow and fulfill its set corporate goals should look no further than to imbibe the use of precision in the running of its business.